Gutiérrez Gallegos Jorge Alberto

AREA:  Biología

Título: Xochiquetzallia (Asparagaceae, Brodiaeoideae), a new genus segregated from the paraphyletic Dandya


A new genus, Xochiquetzallia, for the Brodiaeoideae, Asparagaceae family is here proposed. A taxonomic analysis based on morphology highlights its synapomorphies. The characters that distinguish Xochiquetzallia are the absence of a pith in the gynophore and the presence of an entire stigma. The recognition of Dandya purpusii as a monotypic genus is supported by the development of a short floral tube (< 2 mm) and a pith in the gynophore, as well as a divided stigma shared with the other genera of the Milla clade, Bessera, Jaimehintonia, Petronymphe and Milla. A key to its taxonomic determination is given for both the Xochiquetzallia species and the Milla clade genera.

Link: https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.139.46890